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sky_light's Journal

clouds in my coffee
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i created this community for people who like to take pictures of the sky, just sky with no landscape. other than that, the only guidelines are to please use lj-cut or thumbnails for large images (more than 500 pixels wide), and keep text to a minimum except in comments. Please only post images you have taken yourself. No found images, copyrighted or not. This is for sharing your own sky, not something out of a magazine or off a website.

I have posted about this a number of times. Everyone here takes wonderful pictures. Too many of them are not exclusively sky, however. I have tried to avoid being too strict about this, since all the images are beautiful, but this community has strayed too far from what i wanted it to be. i really want a community devoted only to the sky. since so many here seem to prefer to take traditional sky and land photos, i just created sky_scapes for you all. i won't remove any images already on this community, but in the future, any pictures that are not sky alone will be deleted. please take such images to the other community so we can continue to enjoy them.